The Intermediate Specialist 

Want to Become an Advanced Skier?





Howard specifically focuses on this chosen level of
adult Male and Female Intermediate skiers who are taking
too long to make the switch into Advanced skiing.

It is his passion and dedication.
He spends so much time at this level that
he has the experience and familiarity
to speed things along for you.

If you are unable to have a lesson with him, then
have a lesson with SOMEBODY, but have a lesson!

If you ski at a beginner level,
or if you just want a guide and a few tips,
or if you are so frightened on the slopes that you are restricted to green runs,
then Howard can help you until our confidence and familiarity on skis becomes a little more solid.

Alternatively, if you are an aggressive skier who wants to be pushed hard
all day in difficult terrain then maybe something more daring
is in order for you (even though many of you may need this focus).
Again, instruction from Howard is suggested.

But Howard focuses specifically on good Intermediate skiers
who want to breakthrough into Advanced Skiing –
usually those who ski in Levels 6, 7, or maybe low-level 8,
without huge bumps or extreme terrain.


Vail Village


Ah! One Day.. One Day!


A Private lesson with Howard is for skiers who are prepared to dedicate the
necessary time to learn, practice, and hone four specific exercises which will achieve
a new way of standing and balancing on their skis. The same way an Expert skier
stands on their skis. They should be prepared to work on these exercises in order
that they become so proficient at them that they become second nature.

You will NOT be driven to ski the most runs or vertical feet,
or seek the steepest and deepest or most intimidating terrain.
In fact, you may spend an entire day on a groomed run using
the same chairlift, first learning and then practicing your new skills.

You will spend time LEARNING a new exercise and then PRACTICING it.
Then you will receive the next step.
One step after the other, building as you go.
Finally, once you can merge three of your newly acquired
skills into one flowing movement, then you will have the
balance and stance of a Level 9 expert skier.

You will THEN be able to learn, understand, and absorb the technical skills
necessary for the varying terrain which has always troubled you.

 Howard Davis is always available to answer your questions... and you can email him with any inquiry you may have.


Howard Davis Nov.26 2002

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