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When not Ski Instructing or working on the ranch, Howard writes novels.
He has two books available at this time.
"BreakthroughPLUS!" describes the Breakthrough PLUS program and all the teaching nuances that Howard uses on the hill.
It's a great reference guide to those who have taken this course or those who want to 'study up' before skiing again.
It also talks about becoming a Ski Instructor and other skiing comments.
His latest book of fiction "The Amino Project" is a thriller set in Outback Australia
and involves the CIA, KGB, ASIO, terrorists, Aborigines, and the SAS.


- the book!
How to move from
Intermediate Skiing to
Advanced Skiing...
and other Ski Instruction Tidbits.

This is the easy to read text book for the BreakthroughPLUS!
program.  It is written in a conversational tone;
similar to how it is offered on the hill.

Many people ask Howard,
"Is this stuff written down?"
Well now it is!

No need to take notes anymore,
everything is included here for easy reference
the next time you go skiing - whether next week or next year.

This book takes the reader through all aspects of the BreakthroughPLUS! program. It describes each exercise, why we need to do it, what it does and how it improves your skiing.

It talks about the differences between men and women skiers and how each can utilize their strengths to improve their skiing. Need to know how to conquer fear?  It's all right here.

It offers a humorous look at different skiers and Ski Instructors and talks about getting ready for skiing and other important aspects of the skiing life.

If you ever needed a written reference guide to skiing and
how to progress into Advanced skiing, this is the one!

BreakthroughPLUS! is a 6" by 9" soft cover book
and is available for purchase.

$22.00 (USA)
including shipping and handling.

Please send check to:-

Howard Davis
P.O. Box 382
Norwood, CO 81423

Also available at Amazon.com
Kindle Version - go to


The Amino Project
This is fast paced fiction that encompasses Australian Outback life, modern technology, the intelligence services, their role in a modern society, Australian Aborigines and their way of life and the eventual clash between the most modern society and the most ancient.

Now available from this page (see below) or from Amazon.com in both paperback and Kindle versions.
Click this link to go the the Amazon page

"Wow! What a page-turner.
I couldn't put it down."
"This thriller has it all; well researched,
full of tension and suspense."
"I can't wait for the movie to come out."
An illegal Russian satellite crashes into Outback Australia near a secret terrorist training camp and research facility, setting off a chain of events that could change the security of the world.  CIA operative, Mike Pierce, based at Pine Gap in Central Australia, one of the most important CIA spy bases outside the USA, investigates the crash site only to be confronted by KGB agents sent there to recover the very thing which made the satellite illegal. Both parties soon fall into the hands of the terrorists.

To Console Operator Second Class, Lieutenant Rubskin Stvetlananov, the small red warning light blinking and beeping in the upper right-hand corner of his control panel became the worst moment of his professional career. A second ago he had been secure in his anonymity, amidst dozens of others of similar rank, comfortably preoccupied with a Pre-Orbital checking procedure. But now the bile rose in his stomach as his nerves reacted to the increased adrenalin. Now, the situation facing him became apparent and he knew what was to come.

The Amino Project is a 6" by 9" soft cover book
and is available for purchase.

$22.00 (USA)
including shipping and handling.

Please send check to:-

Howard Davis
P.O. Box 382
Norwood, CO 81423