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Proper alignment is critical, so Howard includes a FREE boot alignment analysis for his students.

Expert boot fitters will check out how your lower body is influenced by your boots. This analysis is free and you are under no obligation to buy anything. However, if problems occur or changes are recommended then you will have the option to have those changes made.

The analysis will asses how your body and leg shapes work with your boot and ski combination. The goal is to ensure that when you are in a neutral position you will stand and ski on two FLAT skis. Flat skis are essential for upper level skiing. Flat skis make turn initiation easier and equalizes both sides of your body. If one ski is slightly angled then it will affect your skiing.

Most people have one leg different from the other and usually, this goes unnoticed. But modern skiing equipment is designed to be used when both skis are flat and a degree or so difference in a leg's alignment will be felt by the skier.

Some people have noticeable differences in their legs - from knock knees to bow legs. Again, these conditions can be accommodated to place the boot & ski in a flat position while standing comfortably. Consequently, the skis will work better.

Canting is generally referred to as corrections made to the equipment to provide proper knee alignment in relation to the ski boot mid-line.

There are several different options for achieving this. Each case is unique so a thorough analysis is required, as is a custom insole.

The key to an enjoyable ski outing is properly fitted ski boots.

There are several factors involved in getting a good fit.

BootDoctors will bring all these factors together to give you the best possible fit.

They also offer several custom services using state-of-the-art technology and equipment for those who want the ultimate custom boot fit.

Or footbeds, are molded directly to your feet.
These are recommended for anyone who owns a ski boot.
Custom insoles are designed to address several issues within a ski boot.

The main goal is to keep the foot in a neutral position. This helps with overall alignment, and prevents pressure points from developing on the foot.

Another benefit is reduced foot motion - the foot doesn't slide forward or backward and doesn't twist from side to side.

This means the liner can mold more precisely to your foot, resulting in greater control and power to the ski.

Your feet are much more comfortable and also warmer by maximizing blood circulation.

Fore-Aft balance basically refers to one's center of gravity in relation to the tip and tail of the ski (the front-to-back balance rather than side-to-side).

The entire boot, ski, and binding system influence this balance.

BootDoctors will analyze your current boot setup and suggest corrections where needed.

The custom services above are just a few of the services BootDoctors provides. They also offer heat systems and custom boot modifications.

They have a highly trained and experienced staff to assist you with any boot issues you may have. Get your boots fitted there and see why they are the choice of more ski professionals in Telluride than any other shop.

 CLICK HERE to go to their web site.


Howard's boot;
The Nordica
Speed Machine 14.


Because of BootDoctor's reputation, they can be very busy and
sometimes getting enough time with a bootfitter can be a challenge.

Howard will give you a business card identifying you as one of his recommended students.

When you arrive at BootDoctor, show Howard's business card
and be confident that you will receive the best attention.

You must visit BoorDoctor in regular clothes so that a
clear view can be made of your legs from the knee down.

This might include loose pants which can be rolled up,
or shorts, or dresses etc. A changing area exists .
Bare legs are recommended but hose is ok.

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