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JILL T: CHICAGO - "You changed my skiing forever... I can't thank you enough! It was worth twice as much."

"There once was a woman named Karen, Who came to the mountains with fear.
But after her lessons with Howard, The next steps have become very clear.
Marilyn was along for these lessons, she wanted to learn how to ski.
Howard taught the BreakthroughPLUS! method, And never the same she will be."

SUSAN B: M.C.TEXAS - "I just wanted to let you know that the ski lesson that Mark and I took from you was the most valuable thing I have ever done related to skiing. We have been able to improve so much just due to that one lesson. We constantly remember the useful tips that you pointed out to us and especially the 3 important concepts for level 9. We just went to Whistler and couldn't have done it without you. When we return to Vail, we will look you up and take as many lessons as we can from you. Please let me know if there is anyone I can contact to brag on you."

ROGER D: DALLAS - "When I think of all the years I have been trying to improve, and all the ski lessons I took without anything changing, I only wish I had found you sooner. It was great."

JEFF G: HOUSTON - "Your steps were so easy to master that I am amazed no one has ever taught this to me before. It was terrific and I am delighted with my skiing."

JOYCE S: NEW YORK - “Thanks for an amazing ski week. The drills and techniques you taught me during last week have already had a definite and immediate impact on my skiing… My first ever powder day will remain a cherished memory. Discovering the ability to ski knee-high powder in Vail’s Back Bowls was incredible and has undoubtedly ruined me for any other mountain.”

STEPHEN T: LOS ANGELES - "Unvelievable! I am still astonished how you helped my skiing, season after season, Thanks again!"

MARIA B: CONNECTICUT - "You have given me the ability to ski a wider range of conditions and steeper slopes with greater control, stronger skills, more self-confidence and less fear. Thanks so much for making skiing even more fun!"

STEPHEN S: MIAMI - "For years I tried to make myself ski and force the skis to do what I wanted. You showed me how to relax and allow the skis to naturally flow with the mountain. It was amazing how you helped my skiing."

BARBARA J: ATLANTA - "My husband and I are amazed how you improved our skiing in such a short time. The exercises stayed with us not only for the rest of our stay in Vail, but also for the season after that. You have given us a simple solution which we can utilize year after year. Thank you!"

JEANNIE N: DENVER - "I have been skiing since I was 3 and even raced in college, but that was on the old skinny skis. You changed my skiing so I might get the most from the modern equipment. I have never skied better in my life. I only wish I had found you earlier!"

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